The Beatnicks - A Birthday request

Hello all my livejournal friends. Seeing as how my birthday is coming up on the 7th id like to make a request. Could everyone help spread the word about the beatnicks. You can preorder the dvd, see the trailer, get the soundtrack at
Join their facebook page here and the myspace page here You can also get it on netflix

Lines, Vines, and trying Times

So I recently accidentally watched the new show JONAS on Disney and it was good. I laughed and anyone who knows me knows I love anything that can make me laugh. So I decided after watching JONAS i would give the Jonas Brothers a listen, I was Pleasantly surprised that i like the music. The first song i fell in love with was when you look me in the eyes , then Love bug. So i liked a good 2/3 of there music so i said what the hey and decided to preorder their new cd. I got it the day before it came out and I wasn’t disappointed. While it does have a fair amount of Heavier songs on it then one would expected.. The songs are great. I think there were only 2 I was kind of indifferent to. This is just a brief review I’ll do a more in depth one later . But this is just to say check it out. I know the Jonas brothers aren’t exactly what I typically listen to but I love all kinds of music and sometimes you got to shake things up.

The New Star Trek and wolverine review

So I've seen the New Star Trek 4 times. It's just as good as the first time i saw it. It is amazingly true to the show as well as the characters. As a general rule I don't expect much from remakes or "based on" moves. Cause no matter what you will be disappointed, but this is one of the few i wasn't disappointed by. Comedy, Drama, and action all rolled into one. 2 thumbs up. a must see.

Ok on to Wolverine. It was alright. Not bad not great. A couple of things I didn't like were. 1 Wolverine's adamantium claws lacked the realism they had in the xmen movies. 2 Deadpool/wade wilson started out awesome and then went down hll. It veered a great deal away from the comics. Lets hope the deadpool movie is better.

I did like Gambit, his accent could be thicker but he was well done.

So Wolverine gets one thumb up one thumb down.

ABC's Cupid Pretty darn good!

So I...purely by accident...caught Abc's semi new show Cupid Tuesday night. It was the 5th episode and I enjoyed it a great deal, much to my surprise. And immediately after i downloaded the first 4 and enjoyed them just as much if not more. I was a fan of the original show that had Jeremy Piven as the title character and I loved it unfortunately like most of my favorite shows it was canceled. So I was quiet skeptical when I heard they were bringing it back but with a different cast. But despite my misgivings I enjoyed it. It made me laugh out loud as well as the obvious "awwwww". Bobby Cannavale as cupid has a different feel than piven’s but he is just as fun to watch. And I am a huge fan of Sarah Paulson that is a plus. Not to mention the great supporting cast - Camille Guaty as Lita and Rick Gomez as her brother Felix. I love the Felix character. He’s kinda the straight man to Cannavale’s Cupid.. I recommend giving this show a chance. I hope they don't cancel this show. Although I feel it is some what inevitable. I don't feel like they have much faith or interest in this show. I mean it's not really a 9 o'clock type show more a 7 o'clock show not to mention they put it against law and order SVU. I mean my god why not just dig a grave and throw them in. I beg ABC to move this show to a more appropriate time slot just give it a shot.

Noise to the World Tour

Just got back from the concert. It was great. All 3 bands rocked. Although there was a lot of teenys there. I'm not used to that. They seemed shocked by the pushing, and the b.o. Also hearing for 3hours i wanna f*** such ans such or your so hot can get real old real quick. None the less the bands played great. I'll post pics soon.
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